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This Is What Happened...

Hello, my name is Heidi McClure and I am the mother of 3 beautiful children, the last one being Ajaya, a talented, creative and beautiful bi-racial girl. Her father and I have a successful co-parenting relationship and we work to ensure that our child is safe and that her needs are met. Regardless of those facts, Ajaya was kidnapped on December 6, 2021 by ACS in Kings County New York (Brooklyn), after a malicious report was made by my sister who lives in Canada and hasn’t seen my daughter for 5 years! I received an allegation of educational and medical neglect. Besides this allegation being completely false, it is also ironic due to the fact that I am a licensed NYC teacher and a certified holistic healer with a private practice with over 30 years of experience. Within those 30 years, I have never received any reports of neglect. 


In June of 2019, New York removed religious exemptions for vaccines and due to my strong religious beliefs, I retired early from teaching and began to homeschool Ajaya.  Prior to this law change, Ajaya was in the NYC public school system consistently since pre-K. 

After experiencing homeschooling for a period of time, Ajaya expressed that she wanted to be in a school with other children.  For this reason, I sought schools outside of NY which still allowed for religious exemption on vaccines for students.  Our journey was long and hard as we had to travel long distances to attend schools in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey that still accept religious exemptions. 

As a mother, I simply wanted my child to have a healthy and happy educational experience but the unlawful change in the right for families to choose religious exemptions from vaccines, made this very difficult.  Regardless of the obstacles that were put in front of us, I never neglected Ajaya’s educational needs. This is evidenced by the smart young lady she is.

ACS also alleged that Ajaya was medically neglected . The petition written up about us by ACS actually states  “she does not believe in Western medicine, and therefore she has never taken Ajaya to the doctor and Ajaya has never had any vaccinations.” This was an outright lie in that I never said that.  What I did say is that I prefer holistic medicine for my children, and that I take my daughter to an allopathic doctor yearly and when need be. Regardless, my personal feelings about best health care methods should not be used to take  my child away from me.  She is very healthy in that I breastfed her extensively and that I encourage her to lead an overall healthy lifestyle.  Also,  I have documentation to prove that Ajaya has been to the same pediatrician since she was 2 years old.


Ajaya is not vaccinated  because as an educator, I choose to educate myself about everything before making decisions. After researching vaccines, I discovered that they are hurtful to people and have caused a great deal of suffering in the human race. Their supposed safety and effectiveness is completely unsubstantiated and quite frankly is an outright lie! I have a right to refuse vaccinations and that is not neglect as defined by the law. 

That’s it. That sums up the allegations reported to ACS which was inevitably used to petition the Court to remand Ajaya into the custody of the state. Homeschooling and vaccinations.  I have done everything requested of me to prove that I do not neglect my daughter medically and educationally and they still are not dismissing the case and returning my daughter to me and to our family. Even the Guardian Ad Litem, (My daughter’s lawyer) has joined my motion to dismiss the petition and the case because he can see the error in ACS’s investigation into these false allegations.

The Problem...

The Prosecutor for ACS, Lisa Yagel, refuses to support the dismissal of the petition even after receiving and reviewing evidence that proves the case should be dismissed. The actions of Ms. Yagel and the Family Regulation System as a whole are unethical and must be exposed. 

Currently in America, if a mother stands up for her rights and the rights of her child, it can cost that mother custody of her child. I never thought that I would be in this situation  and that I would be fighting for custody of my own child, the human being that I gave birth to and raised, because I am standing up for and living “my truth” of raising my child holistically and in harmony with the divine God given power of natural health and immunity.


I have been denied my due process rights  throughout the entirety of my case. I have learned that so many other families have had their children removed for standing up to this tyrannical government that’s goal is to traffic children for money. It is time that we take a stand  for our children and I am ready. I am a pillar of my community and a fierce advocate for others. Kings County ACS had no right to take Ajaya away! 

If this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. ACS is able to continue to get away with this because people are not standing up to this injustice. People are not taking action to make others pay attention to the problem. I will not allow this to happen to Ajaya and I am asking that you join me!


Can You Please Help By Taking The Following Actions: 

Contact the Kings County Courthouse at 347-401-9706  between 8:30 and 9:15 A.M. Monday -Friday and demand that Judge Jacqueline Williams grant Heidi McClure’s motion to dismiss and send Ajaya home. 

Contact the ACS Regional Office, at 212-383-1788 and demand that custody of Ajaya McClure be returned to Heidi McClure immediately and the petition be dismissed. 

Please Sign the Petition to bring Ajaya home. 

Sign The Petition

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