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Oppressive systems continue to infringe upon parent’s rights and destroy the family unit through the LEGAL KIDNAPPING OF BABIES. Operation Stop CPS provides rapid emergency response services to families navigating the entangled web of forced separations and unwarranted investigations. We are responding on all fronts- from child protective services to the judicial system in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. With your investment, we will continue to Respond in Power to STOP CPS, Protect Parent’s Rights, and Reunite Children with their families where they belong. 

Understand that child welfare is not a single entity. Therefore, when fighting against these oppressive systems Operation Stop CPS unites on all fronts, amplifying the voice of children and families.

We choose to be the solution to the systemic oppression plaguing Child Protective Services by activating in the following ways: 

  • Launch powerful and impactful visual change campaigns 
  • Advocate for fair and equal partnerships into the investigation of parental fitness
  • Assist with securing adequate legal representation
  • Leading dynamic demonstrations, protest, and passive resistance movements
  • Mitigate trauma through emotional and mental support
  • Provide sustainable resources for most urgent needs


Here is what we know-There is a disproportionate amount of black and brown children being forcefully removed from their family homes based on a flawed and failing system. 

53% of black homes are investigated by child welfare officials; a simple knock on the door by a social worker has led to demands to enter the home without a warrant, intense interrogations, and strip searches that often end with children experiencing trauma from  being pulled from their parents arms.

Many of these removals happen without consent or a court order and exploit families as they attempt to navigate the courts and child welfare red tape. Instead of preserving the family unit with necessary resources and lawful investigations, Child Protective Services across the country continue to remove children from safe and loving homes and place them into foster care where they are then abused and neglected under the very premise that accused parents of such crimes. 

When families are ripped apart, Operation Stop CPS responds immediately, equipping, empowering and properly preparing parents and families to fight for the return of their babies. This should NOT be a lengthy process when abuse and neglect is NOT present, however, families are subject to court hearings, legal and confusing jargon, and case plans that force them to admit to a crime that they did not commit; in addition to continued interference of child welfare agencies. Unfortunately, without the proper assistance and counsel, parental rights are often stripped away and babies are immediately adopted out or sit in foster care when they have families that desperately love and want their safe return home. 

CPS fails to protect the child when they fail to protect the family unit.

 We have all witnessed the harm done when children are separated from their parents at the border, this is the same harm and trauma that has been happening for far too long right here with American families. The Child Protection System is broken and MUST be abolished. 

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