Operation Stop CPS is a revolutionary organization that has taken ACTION to abolish the Family Regulation System. We have made it easy for the community to be a part of the solution with our monthly "Fuel" Program. 

Your monthly FUEL supports our life-changing work to keep Families safe, Unharmed, and Empowered, while creating Lasting solutions for the community. 

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Operation Stop CPS works with individual families to push for change in their relationship with CPS. Some of the families we work with do not have the financial resources to afford our change agent services. Our knowledge and expertise in this field is unmatched and we prepare families for battle. Going up against CPS requires a strategic and calculated approach that families need in order to regain custody of their children. 

Martin Approach Sponsorship 

Our Martin Approach takes advocacy to a deeper level. We walk with families through every step of the process by deepening their knowledge and understanding of how the system works and how to speak their language. We complete a thorough investigation on behalf of the family while increasing the families network of support. We attend court hearings and advocate on behalf of family in meetings with CPS. 

Malcolm Approach Sponsorship

Our Malcolm Approach includes all the elements of the Martin Approach in addition to our rapid response services. Rapid response services include the organization of rallies, pack the court events, press conferences and more. 

Urgent Sponsorship Request: Kellie Smith, Durham, NC 

Kellie currently has two children in custody after she was targeted for being a teen mother. There is no evidence to prove that Kellie has abused or neglected her children, yet Durham County is attempting to terminate her rights to her two children and place them up for adoption. Kellie has custody of her 4 month old son and Durham County has found that child to be safe. Kellie needs immediate help to STOP CPS. 

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