Operation: Bring The Crenshaw Siblings Home 


Removal State: Washington




Operation Stop CPS completes independent, unbiased investigations into Child Welfare agencies removal of children from their family unit. The investigation uses critical thinking skills to make an objective analysis of the issue (the removal of the children) in order to form a judgement ( was the removal justified by the law).

An independent investigation into the removal of Aniylah, Raiin, and Royal has been completed and the facts lead to the conclusion that the children were removed illegally. As you read some of the highlights of our investigation, we hope you will take ACTION to ensure these precious children are returned to their mother immediately. 

Kidnap Report: 

Location: Pierce County, Washington

Date of Removal: April 29, 2021 and again on May 18, 2022

Removal Parent:  Ms. Crenshaw, mother

Children: Aniylah (age 9) Raiin (age 4), Royal (age 4)

Name of Removal Agencies:

  • Puyallup Police Department 
  • Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families. (Pierce County)

Removal Police Officer: Jeff Bennett, Puyallup Police Department 

Assigned CPS Worker: Jessica Dolan, Caseworker

The Judge: Alicia M. Burton

The Prosecutor: Mary Ward

What Happened:

On April 29, 2021, Puyallup Police Department received a malicious report from a neighbor alleging that the children were in danger of harm. Without evidence to prove the allegations, the children were taken into custody. On July 15, 2021, all 3 children were returned to Ms. Crenshaw’s care after Judge Diana Kiesel made the decision that Pierce County lacked sufficient evidence to prove the children would be unsafe if returned home. Pierce County disagreed with this decision and filed a motion to change placement of the children with another Judge. When the motion was filed, the children had only been back home for a week. The motion to change placement was granted and a warrant was issued to take the children back into custody on 8/11/21. Ms. Crenshaw acted to protect her children and left the state because she was unable to receive protection from her attorney or the court system. Ms. Crenshaw was able to establish a new life for her and her children in Tennessee. On May 18, 2022, the family was hunted down by the Family Regulation System and all 3 children were taken into the custody of the Department and transported back to Washington State. 


Timeline of Important Events


All 3 children were taken into the custody by Pullayup Police Department after a neighbor made a malicious report. Pierce County Child Protective Services was contacted and a report was accepted for investigation.  
Pierce County Children's Services files for custody of the children after holding the children without a court order since 4/29/21. 
Initial court hearing is held to address the removal of the children. Ms. Crenshaw denies the allegations in the petition and requests a full trial to be heard.   
Ms. Crenshaw was forced to seek a restraining order against Aniylah's father because the caseworker ignored the well documented domestic violence history between the two parents and contacted the father to inform him of Ms. Crenshaw's wherabouts. The father began to harass the mother and use Child Protective Services as a weapon against the mother.  
Raiin received the following injury while in a licensed foster home. The foster parents name is allegedly Sarah.  
Ms. Crenshaw arrived at her scheduled visit and observed the healing injury to Raiin's face. No one had informed her of the injury and she was told by staff that it was an accident. Raiin reported that she was hit. A thorough investigation was never completed into the injury to Raiin. 
After having a full hearing on the facts alleged in the petition to remove the children from their mother's care, Judge Diana Lynn Kiesel ordered for all 3 children to be returned home immediately. The order also found that Ms. Crenshaw had been a victim of domestic violence while in a relationship with Aniylah's father.  
After delaying the order of the court, Pierce County returned all 3 children to Ms. Crenshaw's care. 
An unannounced home visit is completed by Jessica Dolan and the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). The children were found to be safe with no visible marks or bruises.   
An unannounced home visit was completed by the Guardian Ad Litem. The children were found to be safe with no visible marks or bruises.  
Even though the children had just returned home 9 days ago, Pierce County requested a change of placement for the children. Jessica Dolan recommended that Aniylah be placed with her father (the perpetrator of Ms. Crenshaw's past abuse) and that Raiin and Royal to be placed in a licensed foster home. Read the response filed by Ms. Crenshaw's attorney in opposition of the change a letter written by a community organization who was working closely with Ms. Crenshaw and her children during this time.  
On this court date, the Judge ordered for Aniylah to be placed in the care of her father. This was not the same Judge who returned the children to their mother's care and found Ms. Crenshaw to be a victim of domestic violence. 
On this court date a Writ of habeas corpus was issued by Judge Terri Farmer that granted law enforcement the authority to forcefully remove the children from Ms. Crenshaw’s care and place them into the care of Washington State.  
August 2021 to May 2022
Attempts made by Pierce County and their law enforcement affiliates to locate Ms. Crenshaw and the children.
Ms. Crenshaw and the children were located in Tennessee by Pierce County. A request was sent for assistance to the local child welfare agency and to law enforcement to enforce the writ of habeas corpus. The children were taken into custody and transported back to Washington. Aniylah was placed with her father and Raiin and Royal were placed in their previous foster home (where Raiin received the injury to her eye). 
Ms. Crenshaw was found NOT GUILTY of the criminal charges stemming from the malicious report made by the neighbor on 4/29/21. The allegations alleged in the petition to remove Ms. Crenshaw's children are directly related to the criminal charges that have now been dismissed.  
Currently in America, a parent can be found not guilty in a court of law, but be hunted down and have their children ripped from their hands by the Family Regulation System, also known as Child Protective Services. Do you think that is right? If not, join us by taking action to demand the immediate reunification of all 3 children to their mother. 



Can You Please Help By Taking The Following Actions: 
1. Contact Laura Thompson, Interim Area Administrator in Pierce County, at 360-979-8851 or [email protected] to demand the immediate reunification of Aniylah Flucker, Raiin Crenshaw, and Royal Crenshaw to their mother. 
2. Contact Mary Ward, Attorney Representing CPS, at [email protected], to demand that she recommend the immediate reunification of the children to Ms. Crenshaw at the next court date. 
3. Please post the link to this page along with a photo of the children to your social media and contact everyone you know to share this story. Use #OperationStopCPS 


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