Operation Stop CPS has created a revolutionary think tank of Change Agents with experience experience navigating the Family Regulation System. Change Agents empower families to push for change in their relationship with CPS.

How Our Change Agents Help You Fight:

  • Review & breakdown CPS petitions and supporting documents
  • Develop supporting narrative
  •  Complete independent Investigations
  • Prepare & Empower families with language and written statements for CPS Engagements
  • Determine most effective action to take "Malcolm Approach or Martin Approach"

The Change Process


First, We Have a Consultation: 

The trained investigator will start by consulting with you to understand your needs and specific details surrounding your case. This will help him or her to determine the appropriate approach to the case. Unlike CPS, the investigator works for you; he or she is going to investigate to help you protect your rights during the court process.  You will need to prepare by coming with ALL supporting documents. It is also imperative that you be completely transparent with the investigator; we have to know how to fight for you. Schedule your free 30 min consultation TODAY. 

 ***North Carolina Only***

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Next, You Pick Your Approach: 

Option 1:

Martin Approach: How We Respond In Power with Knowledge

This advocacy approach takes the investigation process to a deeper level. We walk with you in every step of the process by deepening your knowledge and understanding of how this system works and how to speak their language. We will complete a thorough investigation on your behalf, help you create a safety plan and increase your network of support. We create a customizable change campaign specific to your families needs and we are committed to seeing this process through until your case is closed and CPS is no longer a threat. We make ourselves available, attend court hearings, assist with meetings, and more.

Option 2:

Malcolm Approach: How We Respond In Power With Knowledge + Action

This revolutionary approach includes all of the elements of the Martin approach in addition to us providing rapid responders. Rapid response services include the organization of rallies, protest, pack the court events and press conferences to increase awareness and gain attention to your specific case. We activate our network as well as your family and friends to give voice to the problem.

Lastly, We Execute! 


We work with you to bring your change campaign life. Our knowledge and expertise in this field is unmatched and will ultimately prepare you for battle. Going up against CPS requires a strategic and calculated approach. 
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The Power is in the hands of the people who make the decision to TAKE ACTION. 

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