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Pledge to take a stand with families in Durham, NC who are fighting to regain custody of their children from Durham County Department of Social Services. 

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The Problem

A failing Child “Protection” System is forcefully and disproportionately removing Black and Brown children from safe and loving homes. 

53% of all Black homes are investigated by child welfare officials. A simple knock on the door by a social worker can lead to demands to enter the home without a warrant, intense interrogations, and strip searches that often end with children traumatically being pulled from their parents arms. Over 200,000 children of color are currently in the custody of the government. 

Many of these removals happen without consent or a court order and exploit families by then requiring them to complete unnecessary services (parenting classes, drug treatment, mental health evaluations) to reunify with their children. Most, if not all, of the service providers are contracted with the Government and have a financial incentive to continue to recommend that parents comply with the unnecessary services. 

In every state, CPS essentially acts as a kidnapping gang to  keep black people powerless politically, economically and socially. Operation Stop CPS believe that the oppressive actions of CPS agencies all over the U.S. represents a symptom of colonialism, which was designed to ensure complete domination of Black people by a foreign state power. Our mission is to empower Black and Brown families to rise up and end the colonial hold of Child Protective Services, and reclaim power and control of our own children and community. 

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Partnerships For Change

Operation Stop CPS's goal is to partner with organizations who are already working to dismantle the Family Regulation System. Operation has partnered with the African National Women's Organization to build community solutions for African women ready to organize for a better future for themselves and their children. 

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We have also partnered with Elia to help educate their international community of practitioners on the impact the system is having on the Black community and how they can act as change agents on the inside. 

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Respond in Power Training

We help communities identify the problems within their local Child Protection System and help safely implement strategies to eliminate the need to engage with CPS.

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Change Agent Services

Change Agents are ex-CPS Investigators with first hand knowledge of how CPS really works. Change Agents work with families to demand justice when they are forced to engage with CPS unnecessarily. 

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Mandated Responder Hotline (Coming Soon)

Have you ever wondered if you should call CPS on a family?  Our trained volunteers will help find other solutions to help solve the crisis. 

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***Operation Stop CPS is based in North Carolina

The Problem Is Well Documented...

The Imprint

With Child Welfare, Racism is Hiding in The Discretion

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Dorothy Roberts

Dorothy Roberts new book expands call for Foster Care "Abolition". 

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Time To Listen

Black Families are outraged about Family Separation within the U.S. 

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Current Movement Events

Fight The Power

The Child Protection System is weaponing the criminal justice system against the Co-Founder of Operation Stop CPS and members of Ty'Ava Pollard's community. Ty'Ava is a child that has been kidnapped by New Hanover County and Operation Stop CPS has brought attention to this problem. In attempt to silence the truth, the system is fighting back. When this moment happens, the people must stand together to FIGHT THE POWER! Learn more about the current legal battles facing the Operation to Stop CPS. 


Join The Action in Durham, NC

Operation Stop CPS has worked with several families in Durham County, North Carolina who have been victims of this corrupt system. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, join Operation Stop CPS as we make some noise to bring awareness to this issue. Bring your signs! If you have been impacted by this system, come join forces with other families who are making the decision to fight back.  

Read More: The Wynn Family

First Ever Black Mothers March

Black families converged on Washington, D.C. on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, 2022, for the first-ever Black Mothers March on the White House to charge the U.S. government with genocide for the kidnapping of their children through the foster system. Read about the powerful events that took place during this moment in HerStory. 

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