New Hanover County VS Amanda Wallace

Amanda Wallace is an ex-CPS Investigator that now empowers families throughout the United States to protest the state-sponsored kidnapping of their children. For her efforts, she is being targetedNew Hanover County Department of Social Services kidnapped Ty'Ava Pollard in 2019 and Operation Stop CPS has been protesting and raising community awareness for this issue. In an attempt to silence the truth, this system has weaponized the criminal justice system against Amanda, the Co-Founder of Operation Stop CPS. 

In order to fight the power, you have to make some Good Trouble!-Amanda




Ty'Ava's kidnappers are stalking Operation Stop CPS's website therefore only a brief synopsis of the facts are being provided. All other facts and evidence will come out during Court.

  • The trial for the termination of Ta'Lavonne Pollard's rights to her daughter, Ty'Ava, began on April 11, 2022. Amanda protested with the Pollard family to raise awareness for the problem. 
  • From April 11-13, Operation Stop CPS held protests outside of the New Hanover County courthouse to demand justice. New Hanover County increased security for the trial and their employees were escorted to and from the courthouse by law enforcement. No incidents of violence occurred and protestors always remained several feet away from staff.
  • The first 3 days of trial ended and court went into recess until May 9, 2022. During this recess, Amanda was contacted by New Hanover County Police Department due to an investigation for harassment. Listen to the phone call from the officer. 
  • On May 9, 2022, Operation Stop CPS held a protest outside the New Hanover County Courthouse during Day 4 of trial. While peacefully protesting, Amanda was served with a civil summons to be in court on May 13, 2022 because Ty'Ava's assigned Social Worker filed a NO Contact order for Stalking. A Judge granted the no contact order on an ex-parte basis pending a hearing. Amanda was forced to STOP her constitutionally protected right to protest or face being arrested.
  • On May 10, 2022, the social worker assigned to Ty'Ava's case filed a motion and order to show cause for failure to comply with the no-contact order for stalking. (THE SAME DAY THAT AMANDA WAS SERVED)
  • Amanda filed a motion for continuance but the Judge denied the motion and granted the No Contact Order for a year. Amanda had not been served with the motion to show cause so the show cause hearing was continued.  
  • While in New Hanover County for a protest on June 24, 2022, Amanda was served with the motion to show cause. The court date was scheduled for July 8, 2022. 
  • On June 24, 2022, Operation Stop CPS held a peaceful protest in the neighborhood of two of Ty'Ava's kidnappers. Protestors never threatened harm to anyone while protesting. Law enforcement was called and Officer Dover with the Wilmington Police Department arrived on in the neighborhood first. Officer Dover stated that no laws were being broken. Several minutes later several other officers arrived in the neighborhood. While attempting to leave the protest, Amanda, Ty'Ava's grandmother, and another volunteer were detained and charged with targeted picketing. Law enforcement reported that the District Attorney, Benjamin David, was contacted and he recommended that the protestors be charged with targeted picketing. First appearance was scheduled for July 14, 2022.
  • Three Wilmington Police Department Officers were fired after the officers were caught expressing their racist beliefs when they thought no one was listening. 

We hope that you can see that this is the system's way of retaliating against people who speak out against it. The show cause hearing is now scheduled for August 17, 2022 and the hearing for the targeted picketing charge is scheduled for August 2, 2022. It is time to RESPOND IN POWER.  

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