It's Time To Educate Society On The 

Unchecked Power of CPS

Take Back Your Power as a Parent From the Oppressive Child Protection System.

The Respond in Power Guide helps parents and caretakers of safe children understand the law to ensure their parental rights are protected when engaging with the Child Protection System. After working in the system for over 10 years as CPS Investigators, we know how the system works and we are giving our knowledge to the people.  This information is so POWERFUL we were fired as CPS workers and we were told our actions were incompatible with public service. We disagree and believe the Respond in Power Guide will help change the way CPS is allowed to operate by educating the people on how the system works from the inside.  

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By reading this guide and Responding in Power to the Child Protection System, you will be a part of the movement to change the way the Child Protection System is allowed to operate. 

Get access to the guide that will help you gain insider knowledge of the system so you can close your door on the watchful eye of the government.

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Raise your hand if you have ever thought:

What gives CPS the right to tell me how to parent?

• • • • • • • •

What would I do if I was threatened with the loss of my child?

• • • • • • • •

If my child is safe, why do I have to talk to CPS?


The Respond in Power Guide


The ultimate playbook that shows you how to unlock your power and fight back when forced to experience the Child Protection System unnecessarily.

This Guide Will Teach You:


How the Child Protection System became so powerful

• • • • • • • •

How your knowledge of the law puts you in control when engaging with CPS


Will walk you step by step through the CPS process so you are prepared and not fearful. 

Who is this Guide For?

This guide is for parents of SAFE children. Vulnerable children are safe when there are no threats of danger within their family or when their parents and caretakers possess sufficient protective capacity to manage any threats.

Who This Guide is Not For?

If you are unable to keep your child safe, this guide is not for you. This is not a guide to promote child abuse and neglect nor is it a guide to allow parents and caretakers who have abused or neglected their children the refusal to engage with Child Protective Services.

The Time to Act is Now

Unfortunately, millions of parents of safe children experience the oppressive Child Protection System, is unnecessary If parents or caretakers of safe children want to take back their power, they must educate themselves on the system. The Respond in Power Guide is the way for parents to do just that.

We know what CPS know and for the first time, YOU WILL TOO.

Buy the Guide Now (Ebook)
Buy the Guide Now on Amazon (Paperback)

***Ebook will be delivered directly to your email after purchase.

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