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Operation: Bring Messiah Home (Active)

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 Operation: Bring Messiah Home

"We demand an Investigation into the illegal removal of Messiah Bey. Further, we demand that the petition be dismissed and that Messiah be returned immediately.

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"We are Stong, We are Resilient, We are Love"- Chinyere Osuji, mother 

We are Chinyere Osuji and Ralph Bey, the loving Parents of Baby Messiah Bey. We are originally from Miami, Florida but moved to Puerto Rico in 2019 for a business opportunity. Chinyere became pregnant shortly after their move to Puerto Rico. We created a beautiful life for ourselves in Puerto Rico and decided to stay in Puerto Rico and raise our baby boy.   

Messiah was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on November 23, 2019. He was a healthy and happy baby boy.  I was 37 weeks at the time of birth and Messiah weighed 5.2 lbs at birth. We were in the hospital for a day and a half. Messiah weighed 4.5lbs at the time of his discharge from the hospital. We were told by the attending doctor and nurse that most babies lose a little weight the first few days or weeks as they are learning to feed and maneuver outside of the womb. We were discharged home from the hospital without any complications. Messiah was growing and thriving. Our baby boy is our world and we spent every moment of our day speaking life into our child. 

The Malicious Report- On February 3, 2020 my family visited the local WIC office to enquire about benefits. On that date the WIC coordinator weighed my child for the first time. He weighed 7.6lbs. She then entered my child's weight into the Anthropometrics grid employed by WIC and vehemently advised that my child is severely underweight. She stated he should be weighing 8.5 and I need to take him to the doctor. I then expressed to her that I brought Messiah home from the hospital at 4.5lbs, and to take this into consideration. I also expressed that 1-1.5lbs is not severe. She continued to demand I take Messiah to a hospital. 

On March 4, 2020 we visited the WIC office for a second time. The WIC coordinator who attended to us the first time demanded she weigh Messiah again. I let her weigh my child, and she weighed him while he was rolled on his side. I told her he is not properly on the mat and asked her to weigh him again. She refused, and entered his information as 8lbs. She told me he has fallen even further behind in weight and demanded I take him to the hospital right at that moment. I asked her to please explain the anthropometrics chart to me, and she refused only stating he should be about 10lbs and he is 8lbs which is severe. I again expressed to her that I brought him home from the hospital at 4.5lbs, so that is sufficient weight gain if you take this into consideration. I also expressed that 1-1.5lbs is not severe. She was very upset and demanded I leave, got on the phone and slammed her office door. 

Later that evening two case workers from the Department of Children and Families in San Juan, PR were waiting outside of my home when I returned. A woman asked to speak to me about my child, and I asked did the woman from WIC report me to you? The woman said yes and she wanted to talk to me about it. A translator was not provided during the conversation and the worker met with me inside of my home. 

She again confirmed who reported me, stated the woman told her something about a chart and he’s underweight. The case workers demanded several times that I come with them to have my child evaluated at a hospital. I declined stating I would like to wait for my husband to get home to let him know what is going on and discuss the matter with him.  They refused to leave the premises and stayed parked outside of my home on private property until my husband came home. 

When my husband came home and asked them to send us documents in English through certified mail, they returned with police officers shining flash lights into our second floor apartment. This behavior was carried out over several days. March 10, 2020 we requested the personal file for myself and Messiah from the WIC coordinator, she initially refused to give us our file stating that according to HIPPA laws we cannot obtain our personal file without submitting a request in writing. When asked to show us that law she refused. She later began to copy our files. During this transaction I caught her ripping and throwing away a document, and asked a nearby officer to allow me to collect the document she threw away. I was able to retrieve the document and found out she attempted to throw away the HIPPA laws that were in my file. 

She refused to answer any questions I had regarding the measurements she took and the Anthropometrics grid. I let her know that I reviewed the WIC Anthropometrics guidelines and I found a huge error in her calculations based on my child being categorized as pre-term based on him being born at 37 weeks vs 40 weeks. She is required to adjust the age of any child 37 weeks or less, which she did not. She also did not weigh him employing the touch points required for accuracy. She also mis-plotted Messiah's head circumference, plotting him at 42cm the first visit month and 39cm the second visit. She did not plot Messiah's birth length or head circumference. She intentionally falsified information in order to make a false report against our family to CPS. 

Our Terrifying Experience with CPS

On March 11, 2020 officers from the San Juan Police Department came to our home, which is on private property. Our property manager gave law enforcement a key to our apartment without a warrant. Law enforcement used the key to unlawfully enter our apartment and take our child into custody. Ralph held them off as long as possible, stating he does not consent to any unlawful search or seizure. Ralph asked law enforcement to produce a warrant or court order to justify this egregious behavior; they did not have one. 

Our family was held hostage in our home for eight hours, while law enforcement refused to leave the property. 17 or more SWAT officers later broke into our home.

They Drew Their Weapons On Us

Called Us “Niggers” Multiple Times

 and Took Our Child...

They dragged Ralph out of our home barefoot and arrested us. They told me to drop my towel and they would allow me to leave and be with Messiah.A female officer was not present for at least 15 minutes. They then arrested me as well. We were detained while they rode off with Baby Messiah in an ambulance. The police claimed they were taking us to the hospital to be with Messiah, but they never did. We inquired about where Messiah was, and they stated they were taking us to the hospital to be with him. They instead took us to the police station, and repeatedly tried to coerce us into accepting paperwork in Spanish. We were eventually released, however they lied about the whereabouts of Messiah.

We did not know where Messiah was. Our baby boy was gone and we had not done anything to abuse or neglect our child. 



To date the Departamento de la Familia has failed to make any substantiating claims as to why they took our son. They had no warrant to come into our home. We were never properly served any documents and never consented to anything. To date they still are not providing the proper documentation and English language services for our family to get Messiah home. 

Messiah has endured so much in their care over the past 20 months and is still not home. In October 2020, Ralph and I filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus on behalf of our son Messiah in the Federal District Court of Puerto Rico. The case is now before Hon. Judge Raúl M. Arias-Marxuach who is currently deliberating over our Preliminary Injunction Hearing that took place July 19-30, 2021. We are praying that Messiah is returned safely to us immediately. 

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